What As a Chianti Pole Float?

The chianti pole float is a very popular choice of float with pole fishermen.

Jamie Hughes mentions in one of his videos that the chianti pole float shape is what he uses for 90% of his fishing.

It is a very good all round float suitable for a wide range of situations which has an elongated rugby ball shape to the body. It has a slim body which makes it perfect as a good all-round float.

Which Chianti pole float is the best?

A lot of brands produce chianti pole floats as they are an all round float suitable for a range of situations.

My personal favourites are from the Des Shipp commercial Preston innovations pole float range. Some examples of these are below.

These floats are constructed using a rohacell foam body for maximum durability whilst the tips are hollow which makes them pick up the light well and allows them to be easily visible.

What shotting patterns work well with the chianti pole float?

As there are different chianti pole float specifications then there are always going to be different shotting patterns for different situations.

If you choose a wire stem chianti, then this is likely because you want to fish on the deck. Therefore the hugely popular pattern of a bulk and 2 droppers would be a good choice of shotting pattern.

If you choose a carbon stem then a spread-out bulk would work better. This is because a carbon stem takes longer to settle in the water and the bait falls slower through the water. This is perfect for maggot fishing.