Turner’s Pool, Swythamley

Located in Swythamley near Macclesfield, this picturesque little water really confirms the fact that Cheshire truly has some excellent angling to offer. Another water that is in the general area of Manchester, Turner’s pool is one of those venues that anglers dream about. Full of surprises, excellent stocks, and beautiful, relaxing landscapes, this venue is certainly not to be missed.

A natural water that is luckily set just far enough from the town, while still being accessible and easy to find. One of the famous waters that is the perfect starting point for beginner anglers, it is also a popular venue for locals from Macclesfield and nearby hamlets. It is the perfect venue for some down to earth and non demanding angling. Relax, cast your lines and try your luck. On a warm summer’s day – what more can a man want?

Great Stocks Of Fish

The water boasts great stocks of fish, but carp is still the major player at the venue. Since their stocking they have certainly matured and grew aplenty, and can now go into high tens. The water and the stock both have great options for junior and beginner anglers. If you are someone who is looking to get more experience or simply take your first steps into angling, this balanced water is the choice for you. Plenty of smaller carp to lower the challenge. The water also has a lot of good features – good depth, deep margins, shore reeds, and other.


On the site there is some basic parking and basic portable toilet facilities, but that is all good with small basic venues such as this. When emphasis is placed on the quality of angling and the surroundings, the rest is not important. Reaching Turner’s Pool might not be direct, but it is not impossible either. Once you reach Byron Lane, you have to travel to its end to reach a junction on a bend. Afterwards, turn left at the Fourways Motel, turn right and go past the Ship Inn pub. After these there is also a trout farm, after which you have to go over the first bridge. Next thing you will see is the iconic Swythamley Victorian house. Passing it, make a sharp right turn, then a left, and then another right. This leads you to Turner’s Pool.


There are a lot of pegs on this water, and it is well known amongst the Cheshire anglers. Day tickets are priced at just £8, so don’t hesitate to stop by. On another note, lovers of night fishing might want to look elsewhere, since here it is not allowed. The venue is also surrounded by some wonderful and iconic Cheshire rural countryside, with beautiful reeds and woods all around. Plenty of fauna as well. Combine pretty and useful – enjoy yourself while learning more about angling. But it is not just a beginner friendly water. The owner guarantees that there are 20 lbs carp heads in this water. And that is worth the try. Don’t hesitate to cast your line!