Why Do You Watch a Float for Hours on End?

When you tell the uneducated that you are a passionate angler, you’ll often get asked the same question. “Why do you watch a float for hours on end?”. The truth is, normally, watching a float is a means to an end. That end is to catch a fish! However, we do also enjoy watching a float for other reasons when fishing.

Here’s why…


Why Watching a Float is a Great Way to Fish | 7 Amazing Reasons

1.      Anticipation and Expectation

Sometimes fishing isn’t about what you catch… It’s about what you could catch.

And here’s the thing.

When you are watching a float, there is a lot of expectation as it literally could happen at any minute. It’s like rolling entertainment. Sure, nothing might be happening right now, but that can literally change in an instant.

It is waiting for that instant that is so entertaining, even if it doesn’t look it.

2.      It’s Very Visual

Part of the fun of fishing is using your imagination, and the best fishermen often claim they can think like a fish.

It’s truly fascinating dwelling on what is going on under the water. But there’s a good chance you won’t be able to see it.

Float fishing is almost like a window into that world. There’s stuff going on under the surface, and while you can’t see exactly what, a float gives you a pretty good idea.

Even experienced anglers still get that ‘jolt’ as their float starts to waggle or dip.

3.      Meditation, with a Purpose

Why do you watch a float for hours on end?

Let’s face it. A large part of fishing is that it is relaxing.

Sure, you could just go and sit by a river or lake any day of the week. But sitting watching a float allows you to do something as well as just taking in the view.

It’s meditation with a purpose. When you are staring at that float, you focus your thoughts on one thing only. Fishing.

4.      Versatility and Adaptability

With bottom fishing, you are sometimes a little limited. Not so with float fishing. You are literally able to observe and then make changes based on what you see.

It’s like science.

And the best bit?

You can fish all the way from the very top to the very bottom of the swim.

5.      Mobility

Bottom fishing tends to rely on you getting set up and staying in one place for the day. Rod rests, bite alarms, buzz bars, bivvies.

On the other hand, float fishing allows you to be much more mobile. You don’t even need a rod rest!

Not happy with your spot?

Walk somewhere else. Easy!

6.      Getting out of the House

Sometimes we all need a break. If you live in a ‘mad house’, then going down to stare at a float for a few hours is far preferable to watching a fight over who gets to watch ‘Peppa pig’!

Calm, serenity and nature.

Sounds ideal to us! Even if it is ‘just watching a float’.

7.      It’s Better than TV or a PC Screen

Picture two people.

One is in a sedentary position on the couch, watching some junk on tv (while possibly eating junk too).

The other is sat, breathing in the fresh air and admiring the view.

Which do you think, on the whole, is healthier?

Yep, it may just be watching a float, but there are proven health benefits to getting out in the fresh air! So go for it!

Why Do You Watch a Float for Hours on End? Final Thoughts…

The reasons for watching a float for hours on end are personal to each angler. In truth, it requires no justification apart from “we enjoy it”. You don’t catch every time, so sometimes it can literally be sat staring at a float and nothing else. Is it still enjoyable? Absolutely. Want to know more about floats? We’ve got a great guide right here.