Roundwood Fisheries, Aldwalk, Rotherham

Sometimes it’s the smallest fishing locations that offer the best results and the biggest surprises to anglers. That’s the case with Roundwood Ponds. These are situated in Aldwalk near Rotherham, in South Yorkshire. This historic area is full of unique and iconic sights, and is considered as one of the prettiest in South Yorkshire. Also, this county is likewise the home to a lot of fantastic angling venues, and some of them have a real interesting character.

Roundwood Ponds is not an exception, and it offers a great fishing experience, which is praised by Yorkshire anglers as some of the best in the region. That just goes to tell us that even though small, tucked away, and cozy, this little venue has a lot to offer. Let’s explore this hidden gem of South Yorkshire angling scene.

Roundwood Fisheries consists of two medium sized ponds, which are situated in some rural landscapes just besides Aldwalk. Although it is located just besides the road, it has sufficient cover from the surrounding tree lines, that it offers a reasonable amount of peace and quiet for all anglers. The bigger lake is roughly triangular in shape, with 40 evenly spaced out pegs. The second lake is right adjacent, with double the amount of pegs – 20 in total. The smaller lake is oval in shape and has a lot of prominent features. The waters are stocked with a good variety for coarse fishing, but are also well known for their carp selection. There are plenty of perch up to 3 lbs, rudd, pike that goes over 9 lbs, tench up to 8 lbs, roach that is averaging around 2 lbs, and of course specimen carp that goes from high tens to the high twenties. Anglers and owners both report that there is supposed to be a particular 10+ lbs catfish that roams the large pond.

The waters both have splendid features, most noticeably the depth on the larger one, and a lot of reed beds on all shorelines. Night fishing is also possible on the venue, but with previous booking. The water operates from dawn to dusk and is open all year round. Day tickets are £4, with £3.50 concessions.
Anglers have mixed feelings about Roundwood Ponds, but in general there are a lot of favorable reviews and many anglers report their personal bests being caught at this very venue. The general consensus is that the fish responds best to baits such as prawns, corn, meat, and maggot. Floats on the margins are also reported as successful.

Roundwood Fisheries were hit by floods some years back, and as a result they had plenty of pike in the ponds as well. The venue also boasts disabled access, mostly reserved for the main approach pegs, with solid, rock supported pegs and flat surfaces for easy access. There is also ample parking space nearby.

In short, one thing seems to be certain – a trip to Roundwood Ponds will never leave you without a catch! There’s good angling here!