How much is a pint of maggots?

How much is a pint of maggots at your local tackle shop? In this article, we are going to look at what you can expect to pay across the country as prices can vary quite a bit. Also, is a pint of maggots more than a pint of beer?

Let’s take a look at some of the big companies out there and what they charge (as of February 2022). Being honest, I wouldn’t drive out of my way to get maggots 20p cheaper at another shop and I would just pay whatever my local tackle shops charge.

Please note, most of shops will only let you collect in person.

Angling Direct – £2.99 a pint

Willy Worms – £2.99 a pint

Lobbys Tackle – £3.00 a pint

Taskers Angling – £3.00 a pint

BobCo Tackle – £2.00 a pint

Pro Master Angling £2.99 a pint

The price you can expect to pay for a pint of maggots is £3 with a half pint costing £1.50. If you are a match angler who is using 8 pints of maggots in a match then that’s £24 on bait before you factor in the cost of your match ticket, petrol, and food.

How much has the price of maggots gone up over the years?

I did some research to see how much the price has gone up over the years.

In 2006 it seemed a pint of maggots used to cost between £1.80 to £2.50 for a pint but the lowest I could find was £1 and that was in Hull. If you think its now 16 years later then a pint of maggots has managed to stay quite low compared to beer.

A pint of beer in 2006 was £3 or under but now you will be very lucky to get a pint for under £3. My local pub is £3.50 for real ale and over £4 for a lager which is more than maggots.

Are maggots cheaper than casters?

Yes, as casters just require that bit more prep.