Best Hard Case Pole Storage

I recently bought a new pole and although it came with a nice case and all the top kits were in bulky tubes, I thought it was just sometimes a bit too much and I was after a smaller pole case. It took up loads of room in the car and was just generally a bit bulky. I decided it was time to purchase a hard case pole case as these seem like the next step in pole luggage development.

In this article, we will look at all the options that are available to the modern-day match angler. These are the ultimate storage system when it comes to storage, providing safe and secure housing for your expensive poles.


Cresta Identity Protect 190 Top Kit Pole Case

This is the pole case that I personally own. It took a while for it to come back into stock but I am very happy with my purchase. Even though it’s called a “top kit case” it’s more than that.

On one side I put all my top kits, and on the other side, I add my pole, the dolly but, and my landing net handle.

Using this gives me so much more room in my car as it’s just easier to carry.

Yes, the top kits do rattle about a bit, but not enough for me to worry that they are being damaged. Depending on how many you use, you could put some in a small plastic tube, but personally, I feel that defeats the object of having the hard shell.

It also has a very durable double zipper that feels really secure and inside here is a nice soft protective layer which means nothing should scratch. This does make it slightly harder to clean if it gets full of grit and dirt.

Map Pole Protection Case

Map was one of the later companies to bring out their hard case pole case. People have said a lot of good things about it.

Having watched the reviews on YouTube it looks exactly the same to me as my Cresta Identity hard case with a nice safe and secure housing. Even down to the shape of the handles. I wonder if its made at the same factory? If you know, please let me know.

Milo Pole Hard Case

Again, it’s very similar to the 2 above, that’s in regards to size, price, and the way it looks. There’s, not much that can be changed when it comes to the design of a hard case.

Ben from Angling4U does a great video review of this case and he has 30 top kits in his.

Hydra Pole Hard Case

This one is a bit different as it has an extra pocket on the front which will suit a landing net handle if you wanted to keep it separate from the top kits and pole.

Inside there are no straps that the other cases have. this might suit it if you prefer to keep your pole top kits and pole in loose plastic tubes.

Personally, I prefer the Map and Milo hard cases as it stops things from moving about as much.

The upside of this case is that you can probably get 2 poles in here (a normal one and a margin one).


Q: Will the top kits rattle around the damage each other?

A: This is something I see mentioned a lot. Yes, there’s a good chance they will move around a lot more compared to if they were in plastic tubes.

However, top kits still rattle around inside the plastic tube itself, it’s never a snug fit in those, so you could argue that point as well.

Q: Are these hard cases waterproof?

A: It’s always best to check, but I would not say they are fully waterproof, they do have a water-resistant zip but if it’s left out for 5 hours in a wet match some water will have made its way in.

Q: Are these a game-changer when it comes to complete protection for your pole?

I honestly believe they are. The cases are tough, they are easier to carry and they give you more room in the car.