Ricketts Mere, Essex

Essex, with its maritime tradition and a lot of waterways always had excellent angling prospects. There are a lot of fantastic venues here in the south of England, and the next fishing spot we are exploring is no exception. Ricketts Mere is a mature water located near the historic town of Maldon, the place of a famous medieval battle. This venue has a long history as a fishing water, and had hit quite a rough patch in the mid 2000’s. Luckily since then, great efforts were invested into making Ricketts Mere a good quality angling spot. Restocking, clearing, and new guidance all contributed to making this a lovely little local fishery, with some good heads of carp to be caught. For Maldon and Essex locals, this fishery is a good waypoint to enjoy some summer angling. But it is also a good stop for all enthusiastic anglers who are keen to venture in search for new experiences.

Ricketts Mere is situated outside of Maldon, just a few hundred meters from the lovely River Chelmer. It consists of a single three acre water and a modest section of the river Chelmer just adjacent to it. The venue is situated just outside the small hamlet of Ulting, which is a part of greater Maldon. But even so, the whole area is rural and cozy enough to offer some calming and nice surroundings for anglers to fish in.

The waters are stocked with a good choice of specimen carp but also cater for coarse fishing in general. There is a lot of good sized bream, chub, silverfish, tench, and a lot of carp. The carp used to go up to high 20’s and 30 lbs, but was since restocked, with heads of 10 lbs. These have since grown admirably and are now offering decent angling opportunities. Needless to say, anglers will be satisfied.

The venue also offers an 800 meter stretch of the River Chelmer. It is a narrow and fast flowing part, with a conveniently placed junction with a local canal. The confluence of these two waters offers some unique fishing prospects. The river is as natural as can be, overgrown with shrubs and trees and full of unique features.
The mere itself is surrounded by tree lines, and a lot of natural greenery that provides a secluded and relaxing atmosphere. It too boasts a lot of features, including a number of lily pads and reed beds, as well as overhanging trees.

The part of the carp introduced into the water after the restocking is a unique and high quality specimen Sutton strain carp, and 100 heads have been introduced. These are reportedly growing into good double figures. Thanks to the natural food sources of this pond, the carp can reach its natural weight and form in the shortest amount of time possible.

Either way, Ricketts Mere offers great prospects for a day of quality, relaxed angling in some of Essex’s lovelies rural surroundings. It is certainly worth a visit!