Best Pop Up Bivvy Tents

Fishing is a sport that is widely enjoyed by many millions of people across the world. In the UK, it is one of the most popular pastimes of all, and there’s little that can beat a leisurely day on the bank, angling for a prize carp!

Of course, you need the right kit, and in addition to your poles and other gear, you need a bivvy tent to keep you dry and sheltered from the sun on those very hot days. There are many different types to choose from, some that are more convenient than others.

Why are we recommending pop up bivvy tents? Quite simply, they are a compact package when not in use – but a full-sized and usable one when erected – and are easy to set up and collapse down. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colours and types and are not expensive, and they make an excellent addition to your kit.

Are you ready to find out more? We took a look at a few of the very best pop up bivvy tents so that you can see just how versatile and inexpensive these items are.

Our Choices

1: Quest Stealth Bivvy Pop-Up

Our first example is a simple and yet very effective pop-up bivvy that comes from a good maker. It’s finished in a nice neutral colour that will not stand out from the crowd, it is easy to pop up and collapse, and it weighs just 4kg and folds down into a compact package of 80x80x5cm. There are also four poles that come with it for added stability, and it is supplied with pegs that help secure it to the ground for more arduous weather and added versatility.

When up and ready it measures 220x120cm, which is easily big enough for adults and would fit a food-sized bed chair, and it has a steel frame so you have a robust and usable bivvy. It’s adjustable in terms of the door situation; you can have it with the door fully on or off, mesh or half mesh, and a window slot, and it’s easy to set up in each format. Made with very durable material with a coating inside and double seams to prevent leaks, this is a very neat, compact and usable, yet surprisingly affordable pop up bivvy tent that is recommended.

Key Features – steel frame, durable skin, coated, waterproof, very compact when packed

2: MK Fishing Pop-Up shelter

Although most makers recommend their pop-up bivvies for short use, there is no reason why these should not be utilised as overnight shelters. This one, like most, is big enough to fit a good-sized bedchair, and will withstand quite strong winds and rain without a problem. It’s nicely made from strong material – not as strong as that above perhaps but also with double seams for waterproof effect – and is easy to erect and take down, and forms a very compact package when not in use.

250x130x125cm is a good size, it’s finished in a nice neutral colour, and it has T-pegs for added stability. In a nice touch, it even comes with its own rubber mallet. The frame is strong yet the overall package is light, so it is easy to carry around, and putting it up for use takes a matter of seconds. There’s nothing we can say that is in any way negative about this one; it’s a very nice bivvy tent at a good price from a good brand.

Key Features – compact package, easy to set up, strong, waterproof, good size

3: Jacksons Quick Bivvy 2000

Another excellent bivvy from a good maker, this is one that offers everything you need from a light, easy to use pop-up shelter, and at a price that won’t break the bank. Packaged, this one measures just 58x58x7cm, so is very small indeed, and it is light too at just a few kilos. It’s finished in the requisite plain and unobtrusive colour, is made from strong and durable material, and is very much one for the shortlist and a popular model with many satisfied clients.

This model measures 175x150x140cm when it is up and ready to use, so is a little larger than some and will easily fit a night use bed chair, and it can be set up for use in a matter of a few seconds. It comes with a removable ground sheet and a small canopy, as well as a nice opening for pole fishing from within. The material is waterproof – some of the others offer greater protection but this one is perfectly adequate and, all in all, it is a very handy, nicely made and useful pop-up bivvy at a price that is very reasonable indeed.

Key Features – good size, waterproof, light and compact to carry, strong

4: Fox Carp Easy Shelter

Fox is a brand with a wide selection of impressive fishing gear, and you can expect a good deal of quality from this pop-up shelter. It’s finished in a very effective camo style so will certainly not stand out, and is a large model that measures some 230x130x115cm when up and ready to use. It comes complete with a nice bag for carrying and all the pegs you need to secure, plus a front mosquito net that is detachable.

This one is very small when not in use – 70x5cm for carrying around – and also light as it weighs less than 4kg. It’s very strong in terms of material, and double-seamed for waterproof and wind protection, and will serve the purpose very well in even the windiest of circumstances. You have a letter-box opening for protection and access, it takes mere seconds to erect, and it is a very nice bivvy. It may not be the cheapest here, but we recommend you take a good look at it before you dismiss a quality item for the sake of a few pounds.

Key Features – large size, very small when folded, light, strong, camo colour

5: Lucx Pop-Up Tent

Our final offering doesn’t do anything special; it’s a typical pop up bivvy just like the rest of them, and one that is very neat indeed. It’s finished in a brown colour that will let it blend in, it is easy to erect in a few seconds, and it is made from very strong material that is designed to withstand the elements. It makes a perfect choice for protection against wind and rain, and comes with handy opening for pole fishing – or can be used as a hide or for other country and game usage.

This one measures 200x150cm when up and ready, and weighs little more than 3kg when folded for carrying. Indeed, it comes with a handy case into which the tent, pegs and other bits can be put for carriage. It will easily fit a bed chair, is fully waterproof and made from the strongest material, and will serve the purpose very well. Overall, it’s a simple, yet very effective and usable pop-up bivvy at what can only be described as an excellent price.

Key Features – Large, easy to erect, very light, strong, carry bag

That’s our selection of pop-up bivvy’s for you, but which one suits you best? Let’s check out some of the key features you need to look for before we try and give you a verdict.

Features to Look For

So, you want a pop up bivvy; it’s a good idea, as they are very convenient and are much easier to carry around and set up than the traditional style of bivvy. Before we talk about the best choices from the above list, here’s a few points to consider.

Ease of use – the purpose of a pop-up is that it can be erected in a few seconds; all those selected have this feature, so no worries there.

Size – when in use, you want your bivvy to accommodate a bed chair and be big enough for you to be comfortable; when folded away, you want it to be compact, light and easy to move around. Again, all of these offer such convenience.

Waterproof – each of those featured is a waterproof bivvy, but you should check the manufacturer specifications for the best level of protection. There’s little in it, but it could be a clincher for you.

Openings – some come with various doorway options, and with removable nets, and you should look at this as a consideration when buying a pop-up bivvy.

That’s a few things to look for, but is one of the above for you? Let’s have a look!

Our Verdict

To be fair any of the above selections will make a great choice of pop-up bivvy, as each is of the requisite size, is waterproof, and folds down into a suitably compact size. If we were to pick one, we would recommend you take a second look at the first one on the list as it is a good size, has excellent waterproofing, and is very well-priced.

The choice is yours, but whichever one you go for, enjoy your fishing to the full!


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