Carp Bivvy Reviews

Carp Bivvy Reviews for 2017

As your ‘home on the bank’, choosing the perfect carp bivvy isn’t easy, especially with the growing variety of styles, shapes and sizes available.

So, we’ve based our carp bivvy reviews on the:

* Design
* Protection
* Style
* Price
* Features

Naturally, we feature all the big players in the bivvy market from brands such as Trakker, Chub, Fox and Nash giving you, the angler, plenty of choice.


Trakker BivviesFox BivviesJRC BivviesNash Bivvies


We want to make sure you’ve made the right decision by choosing a bivvy that not only keeps you warm and dry and your tackle secure, but a value for money carp bivvy.

Budget Carp Bivvy Reviews

As you may well know, carp fishing can become expensive, so if you’ve a small budget set aside for a bivvy – we’ve handpicked a few bivvies under £150

These can often look and perform just as well as a top-end bivvy, so well worth a look!

Let’s begin with the….

JRC Contact One Man Bivvy

The JRC Contact One Bivvy (billed as a 1 or 2 man bivvy) is a lightweight shelter featuring a practical design perfect for new anglers.


JRC Contact BivvyJRC Contact Bivvy Review

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Our Review

Noticeably, it doesn’t have a hood, but we can report that once your bed chair and all the rest of your carp tackle is stored away – there is plenty of room.

We may add that vertical space is all good, but not so much horizontally – so pack it all in wisely with this in mind!

This is actually an upgraded ‘version’ if you will, because some key improvements have been made by JRC.

Firstly, although still utilising the 2-rib design concept, new mesh sleeves have been introduced to reduce the weight whilst also giving you much better airflow all around.

On the outside, there are also 2 rod retaining straps (we’ve always loved this feature on bivvies) to the front to aid you with setting up or recasting etc.

We did mention a lack of a porch – but what you will see is a ‘letter box’ style front entrance which completes the look nicely.

There are two options for the door – either a clear plastic window or for the summer months, a mozzi mesh panel to take your pick from.

For the extras, the JRC Contact comes supplied with heavy duty pegs and groundsheet as well as a carry bag (who makes bivvies without a bag eh?)

To recap what we’ve reviewed so far, the Contact has:

* 100% strong 210D Oxford nylon material with a 5000 HH PU coated outer shell
* A practical design with fully usable internal space
* Easy set up 2 aluminium rib construction
* Double sealed taped seams
* Reinforced tension bar
* Heavy duty groundsheet and pegs
* 2 rod retaining straps

Is there a Winter skin?

There most certainly is!

You’ll also be glad to hear that an ‘outer skin’ is available to keep you nice and warm in the colder months!


JRC Contact Bivvy Overwrap

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Abode Evoque Pram Hood Bivvy

The Abode Evoque is a one-man ‘pram-style’ hood bivvy with a brand new peaked front design offering the serious angler premium comfort and protection from whatever elements are thrown at it.

It looks very stylish – and not too big or small if we had to describe it to you.


Abode Evoque BivvyAbode Evoque Bivvy Review

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Our Review

Setting the thing up took no time at all – the instructions were pretty clear which was straight forward enough to follow – reverse the instructions to take it down which when we packed into the carry  bag  seemed a struggle (as with a lot of bivvies these days) but don’t let this put you off!

Onto the nuts and bolts now and we’ll start with the entrance which featured a two-way double zip as part of a barn style door which was fully tape sealed.

The bars click into place easily to form the 3 ribs as part of the frame which we then followed up by slotting the tension poles into place (there are 3 of these) and adjusting them accordingly.

The edges of the bivvy all seemed strong, sealed and correct and so we proceeded onto pegging it all down.

It’s worth noting that there were 2 ‘pegging heights’ which allowed us to firmly peg out each section as we moved from front to back and around the sides – the pegs were pretty heavy duty so no chance of these breaking in the short term anyway.

We then unrolled the ground sheet (which seemed very thick) and positioned this as best we could!

So, there it was – the Abode Evoque was all pegged down and taking a look around we noticed mozzi panels as standard which of course can be rolled up or down as necessary.

Overall, the bivvy looked very strong and spacious once everything was into place.

Key Features include:

* 5000 Hydrostatic Head
* 210D Oxford nylon 210D PU coated cover with green taping
* Strong heavy duty 3 rib frame
* Peaked front bivvy Mozzi mesh panels
* Two way double zip barn style door
* Fully tape sealed and reinforced edges
* Bar stitching at stress points
* Two pegging heights
* Groundsheet skirt
* Supplied with heavy duty groundsheet and pegs
* 3 Storm tension bars and a carry bag


Any accessories?

Yes – if you’re after a winter skin for the Abode Evoque – you’re in luck!


Abode Evoque Bivvy Winter Skin

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Fox Easy Shelter Camo Bivvy Review

This bivvy from Fox dubbed the ‘Easy Shelter’ is aimed towards the short session carp angler.


Fox Easy Shelter Camo BivvyFox Easy Shelter Camo Bivvy Review

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What we say…

Whilst light and compact enough to carry to the lake, it’s a bivvy that won’t take you 5 minutes to set up courtesy of its ‘pop-up’ frame design and fibreglass poles.

It may look like something the army would prefer to use rather than the modern carp angler, but we rather like the camouflage design ourselves!

Once popped up (which was instant) and pegged down, what surprised us was the space inside – there was plenty, even when tucking away our bed chair, tackle bag and table.

There is also some adequate porch space for our wellies due to the front peak design (marketed as a storm peak actually).

On further inspection, provided with the dual zipped door was a mozzy panel for those rare hot days, plus a rear panel to increase airflow during the day if you so wished.

Either side of the door were rod straps which was a bonus!

We know that when it comes to actually pegging out the door to how we want it, there are not 2 but 3 toggles allowing you to really stretch and peg out as necessary.

Overall, this is a high quality, compact carp bivvy ideal for those short day sessions or overnight fishing – a great effort from FOX which we’ve come to expect from them.

Onto the features now which include:

* Lightweight to carry and very compact
* Ultra quick to set up and take down
* Hard wearing polyester fabric (2000mm hydrostatic head rating)
* Unique Fox camo pattern
* Pop-up frame design ensures rapid erection (we wish!)
* Front peak gives protection from rain when door is open
* Can be pegged to the ground for maximum stability
* Supplied with zip-in mozzy mesh front & rear panels
* Designed to fit most standard sized bed chairs
* Rod straps either side of the door
* Supplied with three support ribs and heavy-duty pegs
* Dimensions are: L= 230cm, W = 130cm & H= 115cm


So, here we have three very good budget bivvies for you to choose from.

Let’s move on to 2-man bivvies, a very popular choice amongst carp anglers….


2 Man Carp Bivvy Reviews (or just  for the extra space!)

Anglers may decide to opt for a 2-man bivvy because of 3 main reasons:

* Sharing Extra
* Storage Space
* Wide Bed chairs

There is no doubting what the extra room can do for your fishing experience, especially if you’re fishing abroad or long sessions on the bank.

We admit there is nothing worse (apart from no teabags) than trying to sleep inside a cramped bivvy adding to the bed chair to bank ‘timeframe’ when your alarms are buzzing!

Let’s take a look at some of these spacious 2-man bivvies…

Nash H-Gun Dwarf Bivvy Review

The Nash Dwarf Bivvy uses the popular 2 rib flex design model which makes it ultra strong and weather proof.

It’s incredibly easy to set up bivvy and is marketed as a shelter that ‘packs down to just 34 inches’ and Nash claim it’s smaller than its 9ft Dwarf Rod


Buy Nash Dwarf Bivvy

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The Review

It utilises a clever lightweight two rib flex design and there is ample space for a bed-chair or sleep system.

Even during a day session, you’ll find yourself feeling comfy, dry and very spacious.

The exterior features a nice extending fibreglass peak to protect you from the weather and the roll-up storm door will put you at your mind at ease throughout the night.

A cool feature that Nash have added is the inclusion of twin rod retaining straps that enable you to bait up easily and safely prior to casting – always a lovely bivvy option these days.

Once inside, you’ll notice a removable ground sheet that is lightweight and easily detachable as well as a nice sized PVC window so you can keep watch over your rods.

The extra strong ‘T’ pegs will add strength to the bivvy during bad weather conditions.

All of this is stored in a nice robust carry bag.

Nash Dwarf Features

* Offers complete all-year round protection
* 2 rib shelter
* 5 sections made from tough fiberglass
* Packs down to 87cm
* Extendable rain peak
* Easily takes a bed chair/sleep system
* Twin rod retaining straps


We’ve featured a nice review video below  to demonstrate all the above to help make up your mind!

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Force 8 Carp Bivvy Review

Courtesy of Total Fishing Gear, we introduce the ‘Force 8’, available as a 1 or bait up easily


TF Gear Force 8 Bivvy

I want this

 The Review

The picture does not do justice to the size at all.

At 150cm high – it feels really spacious, especially when the door is fully open and the Force 8 can be can be fully erected within 20 secs (according to their website) which is great if you turn up at the bank during bad weather.

All that is required is to access the central hub system which pulls the strong flexi ribs into place, then, sliding a lock into position, the shelter is good to go.

The Force 8 is twin skinned to create a warm, thermally insulated condensation free bivvy offering ultimate protection to the angler and his carp tackle.

The integrated porch area allows for extra storage space for wellies, bait or tackle that requires quick and easy access.

On top of all this, the groundsheet is built into the bivvy to prevent any moisture seeping into your living area.

Constructed from heavy duty PVC, plus the usual bivvy accessories such as pegs and a carry bag – this is a really good value carp bivvy.

The only downsize is that when packed, its quite heavy so we would suggest a carp trolley.

Force 8 Features

* Supplied with carry bag
* Erect in under 20 seconds
* 100%waterproof
* Built in groundsheet
* Integrated Porch Area
* Super strong rib construction
* Twin skinned
* Available in 1 and 2 man versions

We’ve also discovered a twin skin model which, it this appeals to you.

If you want to know more about buying a 2 man bivvy, we’ve reviewed more than you can find here


Bivvy Accessories

So, you’ve unpacked your gear, set-up your rods and placed everything inside your bivvy ‘feng shui’ style, now what?

Well, if it’s added comfort you’re after, how about a pair of bivvy slippers? (We kid you not)

Maybe you’re tired of flashing your torch around whilst trying to locate the zip on your bivvy when a bivvy light is just the ticket?

In today’s technology driven world, there are now plenty of gizmos and gadgets to enhance your bivvy lifestyle, so let’s take a look at the most popular bivvy accessories.


Spare Bivvy Pegs


Spare Bivvy Pegs


We’ve a lost a bivvy peg here and there down the years – make sure to stock up with this pack of 20.

Bivvy Slippers


Bivvy Slippers


Feel right at home with these not so necessary pair of bivvy slippers!

Fox Bivvy Table


Fox Bivvy Table

When it’s freezing cold outside there really is no better way to construct your carp rigs using a sturdy bivvy table from the comfort of your bivvy!

Ridge Monkey Bivvy Light


Ridge Monkey Bivvy Light


This very popular bivvy light from Ridge Monkey is wireless allowing it to be controlled from the comfort of your bed chair.

With a huge battery life and two brightness settings – this would make an excellent addition to any bivvy!


Saving the best till’ last, our review winner is…


Trakker Cayman


Trakker Cayman Bivvy Review

I want this

The Review

Utilising a two-rib system to give it a square shape, the Cayman bivvy is quick to erect, lightweight and provides a superior fishing area.

Available models include a 1 and 2 man bivvy option.

Here we have an expensive looking, well designed shelter that incorporates an inter-locking frame support as well as a dual zipped door.

The side panels can be rolled up if you require a shelter that just houses your fishing gear or to protect you from the sun.

The slight peak means rain water runs off to the sides rather than directly down. A heavy duty ground sheet, although not integrated, provides good ground cover from moisture.

A mosquito mesh cover keeps out the unwanted and allows vision if your preferable to fully zipping up at night.

The usual tension straps, heavy duty pegs and carry bag are all included.

For your money, the quality is outstanding a great purchase that will last. We loved this shelter!

Dimensions: W260cm x D205cm x H122cm
Weight: 5.3kg


Key Features

* Two-rib system – quick-to-erect bivvy
* Lightweight and compact shelter
* Peak to front of bivvy
* Front and rear rod straps
* Interlocking frame-support system
* Sides can be rolled back and clipped in place
* Dual-zipped doors
* Heavy-duty groundsheet
* Tension strap
* Heavy-duty T-pegs
* Zipped carry bag

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our carp bivvy reviews – and watch this space because we add new bivvies all the time.


Thanks for reading!


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